Window Tinting

UV Film Tech deliver a fast, reliable service for  window tinting. 

We tint just about anything that will take a film here. Cars, Coaches, Buildings. Protect your items and valubles from harmfull UV ray's with our great range of window tints for cars and for buildings. We can offer high UV protection for your conservatory or your offices. Keep your staff cool and happy in the summer months with our anti glare films. 



  • Standard, Carbon or Metalized films available for cars
  • Anti Glare films available for Conservatories and Offices
  • Anti vandalism and security films installed for extra security.
  • Plus many more. Why not use our Contact us form to ask a question. We can cover pretty much anyones requirements where window tinting is needed. 

Anything else you need?

We're happy to advise: just give us a call on 01133452800 or 07966899126 or use our contact form.


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